Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted will go through a selection process to ensure that the topic manuscript is in accordance with the focus and scope of the journal, namely about Nursing. In addition, manuscripts will also be evaluated whether the writing is in accordance with the journal writing guidelines.

Manuscripts with topics that are not in accordance with the focus and scope of the journal will be rejected immediately. While manuscripts whose writing does not comply with the guidelines will be returned to the author to be corrected first.

Subsequent manuscripts will be sent to reviewers for review. Each manuscript will be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. The reviewer will not know the identity of the author, and conversely, the author will not know the identity of the reviewer (double-blind review).

The review process will help authors get better input/suggestions/recommendations for manuscripts to produce quality scientific manuscripts. Authors are expected to be able to revise or improve the manuscript according to input/suggestions/recommendations from reviewers.

The final decision on manuscript acceptance will be determined by the Editor based on the results of manuscript revisions and reviewer input.